Meal planing – why I am doing it

I am strong believer in meal planning and organising as many things in day to day life as possible. My schedule  is busy.  Most days I have max of 20 min to put dinner on a table for my 5 year old.  She loves things that require time to prepare. She is challenging  me often…… Continue reading Meal planing – why I am doing it

New Year 

I woke up today feeling old.  My back was hurting  and I could not sit or walk properly. I am glad hot shower  and cooling gel helped.  Afterwards  my family decided that I should spend most day on a couch resting. And I did it.   And I have thought about year that just passed and…… Continue reading New Year 

Hello world!

Hi.  My name is Agatha.  I am working  mum, wife and homemaker.  I have moved to Ireland in 2006. I have started cooking when I was 12. I love cooking and baking. It was always integral  part of our home life. When I moved to Ireland, started working and commuting  I have noticed how meal…… Continue reading Hello world!