Small freezer cooking

There are many ways in which you can fill your freezer. I love to have my freezer full. There is mix of various bags of veggies, some prepared meals and meat. Oh and mini potatoes waffles. Lil lady loves them. You can doonce a month shopping and freeze all your meats, breads etc. Or maybe…… Continue reading Small freezer cooking

how I meal plan

I strongly believe that everyone should do meal plan. In general I really think that it do not matter what your reasons are,  meal plans can help you to achieve your goals.  Why you should have meal plan? Maybe: You are trying to follow diet plan to lose some weight  Or you want to stick…… Continue reading how I meal plan


I like to take care of people. I am good at it.  I remember what almost everyone likes or what they are allergic too.  I know small little details that can make a difference in someone’s day.  However in the past very often I have disregarded myself, my needs and well-being. It led to frustration…… Continue reading Selfcare

Meal planing – why I am doing it

I am strong believer in meal planning and organising as many things in day to day life as possible. My schedule  is busy.  Most days I have max of 20 min to put dinner on a table for my 5 year old.  She loves things that require time to prepare. She is challenging  me often…… Continue reading Meal planing – why I am doing it

New Year 

I woke up today feeling old.  My back was hurting  and I could not sit or walk properly. I am glad hot shower  and cooling gel helped.  Afterwards  my family decided that I should spend most day on a couch resting. And I did it.   And I have thought about year that just passed and…… Continue reading New Year