Monthly meal plan for April 2018

We had rough few weeks ,with a lot of drama in extended family, that caused a lot of troubles for us. However it is almost behind us and I am determined to forget about whole situation and move on with our life.

Our schedule is becoming even crazier now. Little fairy started horse ridding lessons and she loves it.

So I have decided to prepare meal plan dinners for whole month to use up items in my freezer, fridge and pantry and to save money and time. I have most meats/ meals already in my freezer.

So without further adieu :

1st April – Easter Sunday – breaded pork, baby potatoes with dill and cabbage

2st April – Easter Monday – meatballs (freezer Meal) , mash potatoes and salad

3rd April – Tuesday – leftovers or spaghetti bolognese ( freezer meal)

4th April – Wednesday – roasted turkey and veg (freezer meal) with barley

5th April – Thursday – tagliatelle carbonara

6th April – Friday – crepes or veg soup

7th April – Saturday – strogonoff (freezer meal) with steamed buns and beetroot salad

8th April – Sunday – fish

9th April – Monday – Stewed loin of pork with mushroom gravy ( freezer meals) and barley and gherkins

10th April – Tuesday – mini pizzas on pita breads with salad

11th April – Wednesday – leftovers

12th April – Thursday – meatballs in tomato sauce (freezer meal) with pasta

13th April – Friday – soup with toasted sandwiches

14th April – Saturday – chicken with chorizo and potatoes

15th April – Sunday – fish

16th April – Monday – nandos style roasted piri piri chicken with rice and salad

17th April – Tuesday – meatloaf (freezer meal) with mash potatoes and beetroot salad or gherkins

18th April – Wednesday – sweet and sour chicken with rice

19th April – Thursday – leftovers

20th April – Friday – breakfast for dinner

21st April – Saturday – fish

22nd April – Sunday – roasted turkey with veg (freezer meal )

23rd April – Monday – baked chicken legs with kidney beans and mushrooms

24th April – Tuesday – leftovers

25th April – Wednesday – stewed pork loin with mushrooms ( freezer meal), mashed potatoes and green beans

26th April – Thursday – leftovers /soup

27th April – Friday – grilled pork chops ( freezer meal) with rice and salad

28th April – Saturday – fish

29th April – Sunday – roasted chicken

30th April – Monday – leftovers

Hope it will inspire you.

Happy weekend

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