Small freezer cooking

There are many ways in which you can fill your freezer. I love to have my freezer full. There is mix of various bags of veggies, some prepared meals and meat. Oh and mini potatoes waffles. Lil lady loves them.

You can doonce a month shopping and freeze all your meats, breads etc. Or maybe cook double portions and freeze the additional meal. You could also prepare some meals to have ready when needed.

Over a week ago we cooked /prepared few meals. Hubby helped a lot and we have prepared:

2x turkey meatloaf

2x cottage pies

2x spicy pork chops

2x lazy man lasagna

2x pork strogonoff

2x pork goulash

40 small meatballs

4x sets of veggies for soup

2x sets for leek and potato soup

2x trays of turkey and veg trays for roasting

In total it costed us around 70e for ingredients and around 4h preparations.

It was really worth to prepare it because now I am fully prepared for coming weeks.

I will use those meals on days when I will have crazy schedule or will feel too tired to cook from scratch.

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