Beast from the East, pantry challenge and freezer cooking

Last week we had snowmagedon. Ireland usually don’t get much snow especially in March. However last week we have been blessed with so much snow, that I think we will talk about it for next 30 years.

We all were off for few days from work, as offices has been closed due to red weather alert. Kids had break from schools and country just stopped.

I grew up in Poland, and snow like that was not something new for me, however the crazy winds and blizzards made me worried few times. Anyway we embraced the conditions, and unexpected time off, and spend as much time, as we could with Alice. Of course, as all kids she wanted to be out, and play in snow all the time. Most days she was ready by 7 am.

Anyway today we were ready to go back to work, but as county struggles with the volumes of snow, neither of us managed to get there. I give up after spending over an hour trying to pass distance of less then 2 km. In accordance with Google Maps it would take me additional 3 h to get to my office. It was just pointless.

So instead I picked up some supplies in local Aldi and I prepared some meals for freezer.

I am quite happy with what we got and overall price/variaty.

I will explain in next post what I have prepared.

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