Menu plan for week ending February 25th 2018

This week I may be working late some days so we are doing slightly different meal plan.

Basically I have prepared few dishes and everyone can decided what they will have on a day. They all are easy to reheat.

So for breakfast we will have:

-magic mniammniam- which is French toast made with brioche buns and cinnamon. Alice may take some for her school lunches.

– mini wholemeal pittta bread pizzas with ham, onions and mushrooms.

– oat and lemon yoghurt pancakes

– chocolate chip muffins (I add less sugar to them then in original recipe so they are perfect on a go breakfast item)

– fried lean bacon, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs

For lunches/dinners:

– stuffed baked gigant pasta shells with Bolognese sauce (I add a lot of veggies to my Bolognese sauce)

– Bolognese sauce with macaroni pasta ( Alice favourite . She likes taking it in her Thermos to school for lunch)

– roast pork in mushroom sauce served with new baby potatoes, dill and green beans

– veggie and barley soup with roast chicken

– potatoes, sauerkraut and minced lean beef bake

– gnocchi with spicy chorizo and veggies (hubby favourite work lunch meal. It is very quick, filling and on a budget dish)

– pulled BBQ turkey and baked potatoes

– turkey meatballs in dill sauce

As snack as always we will have some fruits, yoghurt and maybe nutts

We will also had apple pie for dessert today.

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