Weekly meal plan for week ending February 11th 2018

Previous week was intense. I have worked longer hours then usually.

So when the weekend arrived I was really looking forward to a break.

However my plans got sidetracked. I didn’t achieve all my goals or did even half of things on my to do list. I managed to prepare meal plan and do some food prep.

So without further ado:


Breakfast: scramble eggs, bacon and mushroom

Lunch: veg and chicken soup

Dinner: leftover roast with mash potatoes

Snack: lemon Greek light yoghurt from Aldi, bran flakes and frozen summer berries (also from Aldi)

Wednesday: freezer sandwich (with egg, bacon and cheese)

Lunch: stuffed cabbage rolls with mushroom tomato sauce

Dinner: baked salmon with rice and asparagus

Snack: fruits


Breakfast: 2 toasts with light cream cheese and cucumber

Lunch: leftover soup

Dinner: lean burgers

Snacks: yoghurt


Breakfast: porridge with milk, berries and honey

Lunch: cabbage rolls

Dinner: leftovers

Snacks: carrots


Breakfast: pancakes with berries and yoghurt

Lunch: sauerkraut and potatoes soup

Dinner: pizza

Snacks: fruits

I am not sure what I will cook for Sunday yet. I have still few freezer meals and some meat to use.

We are slowly trying to use up what we have in a freezer as I am planning another freezer cooking session for end of February.

Happy meal planning and have a productive week

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