Meal planning types

Over last few years I have tried different approaches to meal planning.

Currently I am doing mix style meal planning.

I used to do:

– a theme night (Monday – pasta night, Tuesday- traditional food, Wednesday- meatless dinner, Thursday – soup/sandwich, Friday- crepes/pancakes etc, Saturday – something new, Sunday- comfort food

– monthly meal plan budget friendly

-weekly plan based on the current offers in local shops

– plan based on the freezer content

– protein based plan (Monday – leftovers, Tuesday -chicken, Wednesday- Pork, Thursday – fish, Friday-beef, Saturday – again fish, Sunday -roast)

– no plan at all

They all had their advantages and disadvantages.

Neither of them was fully perfect fit for my family.

So I took what we liked from each of those types and created our own style.

As mentioned in my previous post I try to plan using many ingredients we have at home so we stay on the budget.

I also included one favourite meal per week per family member.

I love to try new recipes or create my own so I am making sure that at least twice a month I have slot for this.

I will try to make a list of my favourite resources available online in my next post.

Happy meal planning

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