Weekly menu for week ending January, 28th 2018

I just love meal planning.

Nest few days will be crazy but January is almost over so everything should slow down a little.

Over last few days I did not stick to the plan with my snacks. I can not shake the constant craving for junk food. I have allowed myself to indulge for few days and I am back to proper eating from tomorrow.

So next week we will have:


Breakfast: Porridge with blueberries and vanilla yoghurt

Lunch: beetroot soup or butternut squash soup

Dinner: breaded pork chops with mash potatoes and cucumber salad

snacks: watermelon


Breakfast: breakfast burrito or freezer sandwich (with eggs and cheese and bacon)

Lunch: soup

Dinner: roast loin of pork, rice and salads

Snacks: pineapple


Breakfast: egg omelette with fruit

Lunch: pasta with mushrooms

Dinner: same as Tuesday

Snacks: apples and hifi bars


Breakfast: bran flakes with yoghurt and fruits

Lunch: soup

Dinner: slimming world chips, green beans and baked fish

Snack: fruits


Breakfast: ryvita with tomatoes and cream cheese

Lunch: leftovers

Dinner: takeaway

Snacks: eggs and fruits


Breakfast: scramble eggs, mushrooms and herbs

Lunch: KFC fakeaway, salad and chips

Dinner: Veg and barley soup

Snacks: yoghurt


Breakfast: oat pancakes with fruit

Lunch: Soup

Dinner: chili con carne with rice

Snacks: fruit salad

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