how I meal plan part 2

I realised today that I did not explain how I am actually planning my meals.

I usualy start by looking at my diary.

If we have any obligation for specyfic day, I will schedule either slowcooker/freezer meal or plan leftovers.

Then I look at my fridge/pantry/freezer inventory and try to find ideas for at least 2 dinners and 2 lunches of products we have at hand.

Then I check if any of meals I have already planned is family favourite.  As mentioned in my previous post I try to include family favourites for each family member in my meal plans. 

If I still have some blank spaces in my meal planner I either try new recipe or check what is on sale (protein) in my local Aldi and Lidl.

When I have meal plan ready I prepare shopping list.

So it is quite easy process.

I use my recipes binders and few cookig books I love and Slimming world magazines and of course Pintrest. 

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