how I meal plan

I strongly believe that everyone should do meal plan. In general I really think that it do not matter what your reasons are,  meal plans can help you to achieve your goals. 

Why you should have meal plan? Maybe:

  • You are trying to follow diet plan to lose some weight 
  • Or you want to stick to the grocery budget 
  • Or you hate wasting food
  • Or you want to make sure that the meals your family and you are eating are balanced. 

I do not have many rules regarding meal planning that I  follow, however I  always try to stick to following:

  • Use all ingredients with short use by date
  • Include one meal for each family member that I  am sure they will love
  • try something  new – it could be main meal,  side or breakfast
  • and most important – I am flexible – life happens and sometimes we need to move things around or skip something -its OK.  Meal plan is to make our life easier, so sometimes  it must to be changed

It all sounds easy on paper and it is easy in practice too, as soon you will give it a try for few weeks. 

How I meal plan? 

It all depends – sometimes I plan for next month, sometimes just for few days/week.  It all depend how crazy our schedule is.  

 I knew that January will be very intense between work,  back to school,  my birthday  and few other commitments . So I did (together with my Sister in law)  2 days of freezer cooking in middle December, to make our life easier.

Now when I plan my meals for following week I can look at our schedule,  check pantry and fridge and then include some meals that are already in the freezer.  Most of dinners we will have during January are freezer meals.

Other months I may have only some bolognese sauce ready in the freezer and remaining is just frozen meat/veg/fruit. And I will cook everything from scratch.  

I found that if I am planning  for a week it takes me 10-15 min, while if I am planning for a month it will be max 30 min. So if you are short on time plan for whole month.  
happy meal planning 

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