I like to take care of people. I am good at it.  I remember what almost everyone likes or what they are allergic too.  I know small little details that can make a difference in someone’s day.  However in the past very often I have disregarded myself, my needs and well-being. It led to frustration and resentment. I could not  understand why people around  me could not be as considerate as I was. 

When Alice was born, I have switched to crazy, overprotective mummy mode.  I didn’t sleep for first night in hospital at all, convinced that someone will take her from me. In weeks that followed I completely stop thinking about taking care of my mental health. I adore my daughter and love her more then I ever imagined was possible. However being  constantly needed, without taking  a minute for myself caused me to be irritated and angry all the time.  I catched myself  at trying to find ways to avoid her to have few minutes to go to bathroom on my own or drink warm tea.  Realisation of this took time and hard look at myself. Now I try to get some “me” time every day,  even if it is 5 minutes to write blog,  or 15 min for a relaxing bath. It is not easy to put yourself first, from time to time,  especially if you are a woman. But it is extremely  important that in madness of everyday life, craziness of schedules, people and duties, we look out after ourselves. It is easier to look after everyone else then after yourself. 

I am writing this post to remind myself  – you are human, be good to yourself.  



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