Weekly meal plan – January 6th, 2018 to January 12th, 2018

My weekly meal plan for week 06-01-2018 to 12-01-2018


Breakfast – scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and bacon

Lunch – leftovers from previous day

Dinner – KFC Fakeway served with potato wedges, roasted corn on the Cob and salad

Snacks – fruits,  carrot sticks and yoghurt


Breakfast – soft boil egg, gherkins, bacon,  toast

Lunch – chicken noodle soup or grilled sandwich 

Dinner – roasted Herby loin of pork,  mashed potatoes and green beans 

Snacks – fruit salad 


Breakfast – porridge with cinnamon and apple

Lunch – leftover chicken soup from Sunday

Dinner – same as Sunday

Snacks – fruit and popcorn 


Breakfast – Ryvita Rye bread with low fat cream cheese and cucumber 

Lunch –  pasta with mushrooms 

Dinner – slow cooker chicken legs with chickpeas and passata,  served with  rice and salad

Snacks – carrot sticks


Breakfast – egg omelette with fruits

Lunch – egg fried rice made with leftovers from previous day

Dinner – homemade  lean burgers with chips and salad

Snacks – yoghurt and fruits 


Breakfast – bean flakes,  yoghurt and blueberries 

Lunch – burger patty with salad

Dinner – breaded pork chops,  mash potatoes and beetroot salad

Snacks – fruit salad


Breakfast – baked beans,  mushrooms and  fried or scrambled egg 

Lunch – veg soup

Dinner – grilled ribs with salad or take away

Snacks – fruit
I will try to take pictures of some of the dishes and update this post and post recipes where I can. 

Hope above will be an inspiration for someone 

Additional  disclaimer – working/ school day lunches planned are for me.  For our daughter and my hubby I will prepare something else (or I already have it ready in the  freezer).

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