Meal planing – why I am doing it

I am strong believer in meal planning and organising as many things in day to day life as possible. My schedule  is busy.  Most days I have max of 20 min to put dinner on a table for my 5 year old.  She loves things that require time to prepare. She is challenging  me often with her picking. I was same when I was her age so I just try to cook something  she will like.  
She is quite good at trying new things, although  very often she do not like them.  So for me knowing  what I am serving for a dinner on any given day is huge help. Very often we talk about what we will have for dinner on the way home.  I usually  cook day before and just reheat food.  It is also helping  me to stay on plan with my food. I follow (in moderation)  slimming world plan. 

I started meal planning  many years ago. One afternoon I have asked everyone in our household  what they want for dinner. That was  before we had Alice and when we were living with friends. I was cooking  dinners for everyone back then. I received  then response “ I don’t know what I want  you think of something”. I got so annoyed as I did it every day for over 2 years.  That day I have decided  I am done with thinking last minute  what we will eat. So I started  meal planning. First for next 2-3days, then for a week,. They where  times when I had 3 months with meals planned.  Not only we have limited our food waste,  saved money, but also my time. 

So now meal planning is a habit for me and I feel  lost without it. My daughter  very often is doing meal plan with me a she has brilliant  ideas sometimes.  

If you are busy and  never tried meal planning dedicate 15 min once a week and be sorted. If you tried before and stopped maybe it is time to go back? 

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