Hello world!

Hi.  My name is Agatha.  I am working  mum, wife and homemaker.  I have moved to Ireland in 2006. I have started cooking when I was 12.

I love cooking and baking. It was always integral  part of our home life.

When I moved to Ireland, started working and commuting  I have noticed how meal planning can make my life easier. Now I am addicted  to meal planning,  although  sometimes I have a problem with sticking to the plan.

Few month ago I have discovered YouTube videos about once a month freezer cooking. I give it a try and it made my life easier and more organised.

My work day schedule is hectic and sometimes it can overwhelming  and hard to balance home and work but I am just not wired to be stay home mum.

My husband was bothering me for months that I should start  writing  blog again, share my experience and tips. I hope that by writing this blog I will learn more and become better mum,  wife and homemaker, and maybe I will finally start taking half decent pictures. 😊

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