Hello world!

Hi.  My name is Agatha.  I am working  mum, wife and homemaker.  I have moved to Ireland in 2006. I have started cooking when I was 12. I love cooking and baking. It was always integral  part of our home life. When I moved to Ireland, started working and commuting  I have noticed how meal…… Continue reading Hello world!

Monthly meal plan for April 2018

We had rough few weeks ,with a lot of drama in extended family, that caused a lot of troubles for us. However it is almost behind us and I am determined to forget about whole situation and move on with our life. Our schedule is becoming even crazier now. Little fairy started horse ridding lessons…… Continue reading Monthly meal plan for April 2018

Small freezer cooking

There are many ways in which you can fill your freezer. I love to have my freezer full. There is mix of various bags of veggies, some prepared meals and meat. Oh and mini potatoes waffles. Lil lady loves them. You can doonce a month shopping and freeze all your meats, breads etc. Or maybe…… Continue reading Small freezer cooking

Beast from the East, pantry challenge and freezer cooking

Last week we had snowmagedon. Ireland usually don’t get much snow especially in March. However last week we have been blessed with so much snow, that I think we will talk about it for next 30 years. We all were off for few days from work, as offices has been closed due to red weather…… Continue reading Beast from the East, pantry challenge and freezer cooking

Slimming world friendly pulled turkey

I love pulled pork. Few months ago I have tried pulled turkey drumsticks. I have never looked back. The meat is so tender and amazing. I love it with baked potatoes or on mini pizzas, with wraps or with rice and mexican salad. It is so easy to prepare and budget friendly. Pulled turkey 2…… Continue reading Slimming world friendly pulled turkey

Menu plan for week ending February 25th 2018

This week I may be working late some days so we are doing slightly different meal plan. Basically I have prepared few dishes and everyone can decided what they will have on a day. They all are easy to reheat. So for breakfast we will have: -magic mniammniam- which is French toast made with brioche…… Continue reading Menu plan for week ending February 25th 2018

Quick update

I didn’t post my menu last week. Unfortunately I had horrible headache for few days and I had limited time I have spent looking at screens. I am feeling much better now and I am finally a little bit relaxed. I have spend amazing two days with my little girl and we had so much…… Continue reading Quick update

Weekly meal plan for week ending February 11th 2018

Previous week was intense. I have worked longer hours then usually. So when the weekend arrived I was really looking forward to a break. However my plans got sidetracked. I didn’t achieve all my goals or did even half of things on my to do list. I managed to prepare meal plan and do some…… Continue reading Weekly meal plan for week ending February 11th 2018

Meal plan for week January, 29th to February, 4th 2018

I was out at my delayed birthday party last night. It was great party and even though I didn’t sleep that much I was full of energy today. So I have decided to prepare some meals for this week. I hope it will help me with organisation over next few days. Monday: Breakfast: bran flakes,…… Continue reading Meal plan for week January, 29th to February, 4th 2018

Meal planning types

Over last few years I have tried different approaches to meal planning. Currently I am doing mix style meal planning. I used to do: – a theme night (Monday – pasta night, Tuesday- traditional food, Wednesday- meatless dinner, Thursday – soup/sandwich, Friday- crepes/pancakes etc, Saturday – something new, Sunday- comfort food – monthly meal plan…… Continue reading Meal planning types

Weekly menu for week ending January, 28th 2018

I just love meal planning. Nest few days will be crazy but January is almost over so everything should slow down a little. Over last few days I did not stick to the plan with my snacks. I can not shake the constant craving for junk food. I have allowed myself to indulge for few…… Continue reading Weekly menu for week ending January, 28th 2018